Latest alarm clock

Latest alarm clock

Most people hate alarm clocks because they “keep us” from sleeping too much. Especially it is irritating when you set your alarm clock and you choose a loud song or if not loud, very annoying. Then we get a feeling like we want to smash our alarm clock and we become pretty grumpy and crabby.
Well we can freely say that your “hell” is finally over, because a smart teenager from France decided to make a clock that will not wake you up by ringing, but by smelling.
All you have to do is choose a certain smell, which can be anything, for example a smell from the bakery, or a smell of coffee, money, sea, anything you love and that’s it.
Then you can simply set the alarm, and when it’s time for you to wake up, this alarm clock will simply release the smell which will wake you up instantly.
He said that since we are in the 21 century that we should be all happy and cheerful when we wake up, and that’s why he decided to create SensorWake.
This clock has a square shape and has a large display, where you can find a section where you get to choose which smell you want. You can choose between coffee, money, grass, sea, chocolate and pastry.
He says that is all we need in order to start a fresh and new day. This young man tested one hundred people and said that 99 percent of them were immediately woken up.
He wants to expand the production of these alarm clocks, and we can expect for that to happen this year in November.




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